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Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. 2005 June 9(2): 54-59
ⓒ Korean Society for Intravenous Anesthesia
Comparison of Postoperative Sore Throat after Use of Tracheal Tube, Laryngeal Mask Airway and Laryngeal Tube for General Anesthesia
Nara Jung, M.D., Byung Hoon Yoo, M.D., Seung Hoon Woo, M.D., Younsuk Lee, M.D., and Jun Heum Yon, M.D.
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Sanggye Paik Hospital, Inje University, Seoul, Korea

Background: Tracheal tube (TT), ProsealTM laryngeal mask airway (LMA) and laryngeal tube (LT) were used for general anesthesia. We compared the degree of postoperative sore throat after use of TT, LMA and LT in anesthesized patients.
Methods: Sixty-five patients undergoing surgery were randomized into 3 groups; Group A, B, C. TT, LMA and LT were inserted in group A, B and C, respectively. Fibroptic score was checked by use bronchoscope in group B and C. Using visual analog sclale and 3-point score, degrees of postoperative sore throat were examined.
Results: The degree of postoperative sore throat of LMA was less than TT and LT. LMA showed a better view of the larynx with a fiberoptic laryngoscope. After use of LT and TT, there was not statistically different about postoperative sore throat.
Conclusions: The degree and frequency of postoperative sore throat in ProsealTM LMA were statistically significant less than TT and LT group.
Key words : Laryngeal mask airway, laryngeal tube, postoperative sore throat, visual analog scale
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